Brand new squad is able to stay away from as well as mask during the a great barn

Brand new squad is able to stay away from as well as mask during the a great barn

Marlowe accepts and sets aside the brand new blade

Jean appears to feel totally unfortunate and embarrassed just like the Armin got to help you kill to save him. [74] Then he apologizes so you can Levi and you will acknowledges which he is misleading which he will maybe not be afraid the next time he has to pull the latest trigger. [75] Jean are a part of the group to capture Hitch Dreyse and you may Marlowe Freudenberg, and you may listens cautiously on dialogue between the two and you can Levi. Jean asks Levi to take care of Hitch and Marlowe himself. The guy requires her or him off the team and you will chooses to destroy him or her, but goes wrong. Marlowe takes the chance to pick-up Jean’s knife however, Jean immobilizes him once again. Jean after that helps make a package: if the Marlowe gives your the brand new blade and risks his lifetime, he’ll accept that Marlowe’s want to improve the Questionnaire Corps is actually sincere. Jean, once are hit because of the Hitch, demonstrates that it actually was every a test and you to Levi tend to take on him or her. [76]

Owing to Marlowe and Hitch, Levi’s group seems to penetrate an armed forces Police legs. Jean support the infiltration because of the disabling this new opposition with his rifle. [77] The brand new team takes a beneficial hostage and you will Jean observe when you’re Levi interrogates your. A team of Armed forces Police happens seeking the Levi’s squad. This group later on tells that the Survey Corps was cleaned away from treason, that produces Levi’s group to help you celebrate. [78]

Throughout the competition, Jean eliminates 1st individual from the reducing their adversary’s neck

Jean takes part in the new violence of your own Reiss Church against this new Military Cops. The guy first shoots flares to hold Levi and you may Mikasa hidden, [79] ahead of following jumps for the step along with his straight managing devices. [80] However, the fight are suddenly interrupted by thumb and you may sound away from a beneficial Titan’s transformation out-of deep inside the cave. [81] Levi’s squad discovers the fresh cavern where Eren and you will Historia are, which is beginning to fall-down due to the transformation regarding an enormous Titan. Jean helps unchain Eren while seeking give an explanation for latest condition so you can your. Just as Eren try freed, Jean and you may Levi eliminate Eren straightened out from a dropping boulder. [82] While they remember the solutions, Eren initiate apologizing and you will doubt himself. Jean jokingly questions his abilities, but for instance the anyone else, he delays getting Eren to decide exactly what move to make. [83] Eren eventually decides to alter for the an excellent Titan and you may have confidence in themselves in order to save their family unit members.

Once Eren transforms and you can hardens his muscles to hold the brand new falling stones, Jean helps Mikasa rating Eren off their hardened Titan human body. [84] Then Jean and you may Group Levi initiate adopting the today Abnormal Titan Pole Reiss, that’s going to this new Orvud Area drawn because of the thick population. Jean can be acquired when Erwin and you will Hange explain its intend to new Garrison soldiers to battle Rod beyond your area. [85] He or she is then viewed during the dawn in addition Wall surface the rest of the latest Group where he shows you in order to Eren they’d to help you destroy anyone and they have got an excellent long and you may tiring day. [86] Its conversation is disturbed whenever Rod Reiss fundamentally finds the city. [87] Due to the fact Rod’s Titan looms more than Wall Sheena, Jean therefore the remainder of the team protection by themselves within the water to resist the newest Titan’s severe temperatures. Immediately following destroying the latest Titan’s hand and also make your crumble, [88] Eren, in the Titan mode, obliterates the head playing with centered gunpowder. Jean with his group mates target chunks of one’s forgotten Titan’s system, looking to wreck Rod’s human anatomy within this.

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